Beadwork and Leatherwork
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Beadwork and Leatherwork

Just a few examples of our other work. Currently working on new projects. Will post photos when completed. email me here,,,,,, (just click on it!)

large leather bag with fringe

Large leather "possibles" bag with fringe. Artwork with leather paint will not rub off. Bag is about 5" wide and 6" long; fringe is about 6" long with pony bead decorations. Strap is very long & can be trimmed to the length you desire. Price is $20 plus shipping to your location. This is an example only; artwork can be added per your request. Please contact us for more information.

Wide beaded bracelet

Beautifully beaded "Osage star" yellow bracelet with leather backing on aluminum band can be shaped to fit any wrist. This bracelet will accent any outfit you're wearing. Made with size 13 cut beads: yellow background, red & silver-black beads. Please contact us for the colors you want on this bracelet. Price is $55 plus shipping charges.  Payment available thru several options; please contact us for more details. 

Beaded keychain with VietNam era colors. Beadwork is about 3 inches long, fringe with pony beads is about 6 inches long. Price of $18 does not include shipping. Bulk orders accepted, please do not expect immediate shipment for bulk orders. Again, this is an example. New colors/patterns will be added at a later date.

3 inch beaded keychain

Standard size comb set with ivory, blue, pink & white beads. $16 for the set, plus shipping charges. Other colors will be available, & posted online soon (I hope!) Contact us via email for other colors available. We look forward to providing you with these beautiful Native American articles!

beaded comb set

Hand crafted for you in Oklahoma.